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Building and Restoration

Buildings are a central cause of greenhouse gasses – and therefore offer an enormous potential for saving on CO2. The global goal to reduce the CO2 –Emissions by 80 to 90% under the level of 1990 by the year 2050 can only be achieved if energy efficiency is also radically improved in the building sector. That is why the Climate and Energy Fund has put a great emphasis on this area ever since its launch and displays among other things, with best practice examples of the highest technical level, how a comprehensive thermal restoration and the changeover to renewable energies with the highest of energy efficiency can look. These showcase projects trigger a multiplying effect and offer important information to the building industry about the feasibility of future innovative restoration standards. Through the, to be expected, increasing demand for the necessary technologies, the Austrian economy is also given a boost to research and develop attractive, new products. Through this the businesses can succeed in their traditional and also new markets and gain rewarding pioneering roles.